Sunday, 18 September 2011

Which Star Trek villain is your political party?

I was indulging on some Twitter observations as to which Star Trek monsters represented which political party

Klingons - Tories

The original pantomime baddies

Ferrengi - the Labour Party

Villains to start with, turned comical

Tribbles - LibDems

Because they are soft and fluffy. (Personally I voted for Harry Mudd to represent my party)

The Borg - the SNP

Non Nationalist thinking is not allowed - no one expects the Scottish Inquisition - mwah-ha-ha

The Greens - that plant thing that shoots a puff of spores at you and takes over.

You see - seem benign but control freaks at heart! Actually some Greens think Patrick Harvie is Picard - honestly!

Ah well - we know the political task ahead. Can this disparate band of ne'er do wells stop us all being assimilated by the Borg? You have been warned!

With thanks to @SophiaPangloss @jruddy99 @setindarkness and @RLemkin



  1. Patrick Picard!

  2. ^^ hilarious and horrendous in equal measures!